Massage Candles

Each and every one of our candles are handmade and individually poured.

Using only the very best Eco-Soya Soy wax and Organic coconut oil, with quality cotton wicks  guarantees an Eco-friendly burn.

Burning time using this wax is slower with a lower burn temperature, meaning you’re getting better safety and longevity from your candle.

High quality fragrance oils and Pure essential oils produce maximum permitted scent, and guarantees a beautiful throw when the candles are being burnt.

No other additives are added to our wax to cheapen the product.

Our candles are available in a range of fragrances including but not limited to Frangipani lime,lemon – Rose,Patchouli Sandlewood, Ylang ylang – Japanese honey suckle,Sweet pea – coconut,Pineapple,vanilla – lemongrass,mandarin, sandalwood
Upgrade your massage with one of our candles for only $35