Waxing can be used for removing hair from parts of your body. Unlike shaving waxing removes hair directly from the roots and makes the hair grow slower and finer and there are no cuts that can leave you with scars. The most popular areas that people wax is on the arms, legs, underarms and bikini line. We also provide waxing for lips, eyebrows and chin, and the chest and back. We use only the highest quality wax. Offering a hot wax and strip wax. We do NOT recycle our wax.

Book a FREE waxing consultation with our therapists to assess the condition of your hair and to find out more about our waxing clinic.

  • Bikini                    $45
  • Brazilian              $65
  • Full Leg               $60
  • 3/4 Leg               $40
  • Half Leg              $35
  • Eyebrow             $25
  • Lip                      $13
  • Chin                   $13
  • Full Face           $40